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Satisfactory results for Color Line in a challenging year

Revenues in 2012 total 4 512 million kroner compared to 4 586 million kroner in 2011. Operating profit before depreciation and charter expenses were 828 million kroner, against 920 million kroner last year. The underlying business is good, with an increase in passengers from 4 085 983 last year, to 4 120 110 this year.

The result is satisfactory given that 2012 was a challenging year with the financial crisis in Europe, a market on “stand by” especially in Germany, and increased fuel costs. The implementation of the company’s new digital online booking platform was a challenging process in 2012.

After several years of planning, Color Line is prepared for a digital future, with significant opportunities for both cost-effective operations and new revenue opportunities in the years ahead. (See page 7 of the Annual Report).